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What is Business Alchemy?

The business of magick and the magick of business.

Business Alchemy is the art and science behind creative business thinking and analytical magickal work. It's what makes a business magickal and magick a business. The Alchemy of Business is all about transformation, stepping outside of the box and away from fear and on to the path of abundance and success. Our gifts are the reason we seek to serve those who come to us. Many Spiritual Workers, and especially Divine Creatrixes like yourself, struggle with keeping the balance.

It's the business of magick and the magick of business. A Creatrix is a business alchemist. She holds the power of transformation and can apply that knowledge to her spiritual business so that she continues to work from a place of authenticity. As intuitive practitioners we struggle with keeping the balance of offering genuine spiritual services and products while maintaining good business practices that include being lucrative. Many times the two together seem foreign and so far apart that it's difficult to even conceive of them working together.

Let me tell you I've been there and the first realization that I had to come to was that my spiritual path is based on the idea that the Universe is abundant. Goddess provides for us all and there is enough to go around. Once I totally committed to that mind-set and embodied that I found my business growing because I was offering more of myself from a place of personal spiritual truth. The energy you weave around you will manifest in all things you do, so why not weave a vision of spiritual and financial abundance?!

I Am You!

Now, there are dozens of coaches out there claiming huge things, however most of the coaches are in the business of coaching. They aren't on actively working as a professional Spiritual Worker or metaphysical shop owner. I'm not saying that they don't know their stuff, they do and I have learned from many of them. However, I am working daily to maintain and grow my business as a conjure-woman and witchy-chemist just like you!

Having that commonality is motivating. I have been through it and already done the trial and error, and now you can benefit from that. I have taken what I practice daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and annually that keeps my business growing and created a Business Alchemy 7-Part Transformation that you can use to keep you on-track and moving forward.

Putting the Mojo in Business!

In addition to the detailed and indepth system, I also offer personalized 1-on-1 and group coaching sessions so we can work through those specific areas you find more challanging. And because we are Spiritual Workers and Healers I have incorporated the magickal and spiritual aspects that often get put to the side in day-to-day business operations. When combined in a way that flows together, you will find the tedious tasks become more spirit-led and fulfilling.

When I began my business I was literally told (by more than one person) that spirituality/magick and business do not mix. You can not remain true to your Spirit Guides and traditions and charge money for your services. Honestly, it was that mind-set (which surprised the mess out of me to be honest) that made me reply with a "Oh really? Well watch this" attitude.

Ring! Ring! It's Your Calling!

There is no reason we have to take on the old business model that has run this world for the last 2000 years. We are Creatrixes. We are thechildren of the Great Mother. We have talents and skills that people need and want. It is part of our calling to be able to provide people with these things. It's a vocation unlike any other and the sooner we change our own mind-set the sooner the world will follow.

Are you ready to perfectly align your desire to own a succesful spiritual business and need to help the world?

No, Business Alchemy is not only for women. Even though my mission is to empower the divine feminine Spiritual Worker, the divine masculine Spiritual Worker can and will benefit from my programs and systems. Feel free to step on the path of spiritual wealth with us!





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